Q&A with Capt. Quintin…

April 30, 2013 in OmniSpool

This recent Q&A exchange with Capt. Quintin Hall of TKF Charters in South Florida answers a few questions others might have, plus a few besides…:

1) Q: Can it take up to a 14 weight line ? even the longer lines like Airflo makes ?
A: “I have around sixty lines ranging from 2 to 14 weights. We tested to makes sure that all of them fit the size of spool we decided on. I have a long 8wt Airflow line for a Switch Rod that fits fine. My 14wt lines are Billfish lines and are therefore pretty short, but some of the salmon lines I have are like rope, and they also fit. That said, we haven’t come across every line out there, necessarily, and there may be a few that won’t go. Ultimately, we had to keep the size of the Switchbox small enough to mean the thing is convenient enough to use…”

2) Q: related to question 1, is there just one size box ?
A: “Yup – one size. A one-size-fits-most means that from a business point of view we avoid stocking headaches for everyone. Too much choice just means stock that doesn’t get sold.”

3) Q: The hole that the fly line enters the box through, what have you done to make this super smooth so that if/when the fly line rubs on it the line will not be damaged ?
A: “On the contact edges on both inside and outside of the shell there is a raised, curved lip built into the moulding, meaning there is no need for extra parts/labour/cost. You don’t see it if you’re not looking for it, but you can feel it. We were very conscious that lines don’t want to be scraped on sharp edges. Glad you raised the question, though, because most don’t and it again highlights how much thought has gone into these things.”

4) Q: The handle, does it snap in somehow so that if you turn the box on its side with the handle in that the handle doesn’t fall out.
A: “The Handle clips into the rectangular slot and stays put unless you pull it out (I’m sitting here shaking one vigorously right now): the section that actually clips in is forked, so that it doesn’t put any pressure on the line that passes through the feeder slot through the middle of the drum, and it makes the attachment slightly springy so that it holds onto the Switchbox.”

5) Q: Are all colors equally available, I color coordinate all the same weight lines so it makes it easy to grab say all the 10 ‘s and 12’s.
A: ” We manufacture in equal quantities and when we send orders out, we automatically send equal numbers of each colour, so they are equally available from us. What happens once they reach the shops is beyond our control. The way I deal with my collection is just to clip the 8s all together, all the 9s, 12s etc. We realized quickly that to be able to colour code by line weight or density, we were going to need to produce an unmanageable number of colours…”

6) Q: How many different colors do you have, us crazy guys (probably just like you) have a bunch of weights.
A: “As per your questions 2 and 5 – current colours are Green and Blue. They are both appropriate colours and one is not preferably to the other. We don’t want a whole bunch of green boxes lying around because someone prefers pink. That said, we will likely produce custom colours for those ordering in bulk (outfitters, retailers, lodges etc.) who want to brand them to suit their needs, so you can expect to see some different designs out there in the future.”

“Hope that clarifies things, your detailed questions are much appreciated, because a) it shows us that people do need these things but that they know exactly what they want them to do and b) that we have also thought these things through correctly, because so far all of the issues that people have asked questions about seem to be covered.”