Attention: Conventional Anglers…

March 17, 2014 in Fishing Gear, Fly Fishing, Fly Line, Line Management, OmniSpool, Switchbox

A Cautionary Tale : Dubai Airport – baggage security check. All my fly reels and lines are safely packed in the hold, but I have a Stella 10000 in my hand carry to ease the overweight burden a little plus because it’s my baby. I didn’t even consider it would be an issue – I’ve done it a hundred times, but guess what? They peeled off three hundred yards of brand new 100lb Power Pro Braid and threw it in the contraband bin. Our head guide throws his head back laughing and says “Hey, man – looks like you should have gotten yourself one of those Omnispool thingies…” Really funny, seeing as I’m the Sales Director…not only is the stuff pricey, but I was heading out, not home, so I ended up having to use some old mono that someone scratched up for me. If you want your reels to fly with the humans, guys, do yourselves a favor and get some Switchboxes.
Check out what some of the conventional guys are doing; pretty cool bit of improvisation: braid is also an expensive commodity and we’re told that after some use the guys turn it around on the reel. An Arbor Spacer’s a good place to start if you’re spooling hundreds of yards of string. We’re not sure we’d recommend power tools in combination with fishing line (!), but we’re not going to try and stop anyone adapting our gear if it helps them out and makes them happy…just remember that these things are tough enough to handle everyday use, but if you overdo it with the power, it’s down to you if things get out of hand!20140314_183857 20140314_180051 20140314_180529 20140314_180622 20140314_180952 20140314_183716