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Dubai Airport – baggage security check. All my fly reels and lines are safely packed in the hold, but I have a Stella 10000 in my hand carry to ease the overweight burden a little plus because it’s my baby. I didn’t even consider it would be an issue – I’ve done it a hundred times, and guess what? They peeled off three hundred yards of brand new 100lb Power Pro Braid and threw it in the contraband bin. Our head guide throws his head back laughing and says “Hey, man – looks like you should have gotten yourself one of those Omnispool thingies…” Really funny, seeing as that stuff ain’t cheap, plus I was heading out, not home. And also I’m the Sales Director… If you want your reels to fly with the humans , guys, do yourselves a favor and get some Switchboxes.Braid in SecurityUnspooling BraidUnconventionally Conventional

Conventional Competition Anglers Also Using Omnispool

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“Had a fantastic product introduced to me earlier last week. It’s the Omnispool switch box. It lets you take line off a reel, clean it, organize it, and safely store it until it’s needed to go into battle again. No more removing something and having a garbled mess that ends up in the trash can. For the fly fisherman no more buying expensive spare spools for your reels to swap lines. I took off 80lb braid in 30sec and put 16lb fluorocarbon on for last weeks event. I can reuse the braid when the daytime events start and grass punching becomes a technique I need to do. Very smart product that’ll save you $$$$$$! Check them out at ” Chip Krizan, Competition Bass Angler.Chip Krizan