Conventional Competition Anglers Also Using Omnispool

August 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

“Had a fantastic product introduced to me earlier last week. It’s the Omnispool switch box. It lets you take line off a reel, clean it, organize it, and safely store it until it’s needed to go into battle again. No more removing something and having a garbled mess that ends up in the trash can. For the fly fisherman no more buying expensive spare spools for your reels to swap lines. I took off 80lb braid in 30sec and put 16lb fluorocarbon on for last weeks event. I can reuse the braid when the daytime events start and grass punching becomes a technique I need to do. Very smart product that’ll save you $$$$$$! Check them out at ” Chip Krizan, Competition Bass Angler.Chip Krizan