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The Omnispool range of products was originally produced by a group of anglers who grew impatient of waiting for someone else to bring the product they themselves wanted and needed to the shelves. The first pages of the site are therefore aimed at a specific target market, but the products themselves were deliberately not branded for such specific use, hence Omni-spool, aware as we were that there would be broader use to a wider range of people with the need to sort, store and protect (and in some instances also to clean) specific products of similar dimensions used in entirely different fields. It is designed to be ubiquitous and “omniversal”.

It’s something that we are eager to learn more about in order to expand awareness in other areas, and a number of occasions have led us to understand that our products, centred around the Switchbox, have found themselves in more and more places as a result of recreational anglers seeing applications for them in their professional lives: we know of people using them in jewellery making, professionals in electrical work and electronics, we understand that there are uses for managing smaller amounts of material taken from larger volume and therefore less easily handled spools in the process of 3D Printing and more recently we had a bulk order from a well known University in the US that we understand is using them to spool fibre optics to aid them in their research. The challenge to date has been in learning more specifically how our products are actually being used in these alternate fields and how they perhaps work better in these uses than other available products, or if there even are comparable available products, knowledge of which would enable us to then show others their appeal and potential use to them.

We’ve therefore put together this dedicated page as much for our own benefit as for the wider market’s, in the hope that you, as someone who may recognize potential uses for our products or are perhaps already using them might be proactive in helping us introduce ourselves to that wider market:

Our Switchbox is a one-size-fits-all: it fits roughly into the palm of one hand and is designed to be operated easily by one person without the need for someone else’s help. That may sound simplistic, but in its original application someone using a Switchbox is likely also to be handling two or three other pieces of equipment at the same time, and may often be in a place with limited space and/or even stability. They are therefore very carefully thought out. And they are robust. Additional clip in Arbor Spacers are available in two sizes that increase the inner circumference of the spool from its original 4 inches (10.5cm) to a medium size of 7 inches (18m) or a large size of 9 inches (23cm), thereby offering options to suits each user’s needs.

The operating Crank Handle is forked, so that it will clip into the center of the spool whilst allowing whatever is stored on the spool to pass through the central aperture without it getting crushed or pinched. The feed aperture of the Switchbox has a rounded lip inside and out to reduce abrasion during the spooling process, and the one half of the housing can be attached to the other to create a stable foot on which the spool can rest unaided - prerequisite if one’s hands are already full. Closed Switchboxes can in turn be clipped together and moved around as a complete modular unit consisting of whichever separate ones you have selected, loaded with whatever you have need of at any given time.

The cleaning product, or Linecarebox should it be needed can be clipped onto the Switchbox over the feed aperture to effectively turn the two of them also into a single unit, again for ease of use. For details of how to get hold of our products, please see our Order page.

All of this information is available in detailed graphic form here: Technicals Page We would be very happy to hear of individuals’ varying uses for our product, user testimonials, video clips would be of value, as well as indications of how our product may be better suited for your own uses than others available. We would encourage you to submit such examples to us and should anyone be prepared to engage with us in greater depth and detail, arrangement could be made for some product samples to test.

Order here. For bulk users, our products can potentially be made in any color required, as well as branded for individuals or companies to their own design by direct negotiation with us. Please contact us at:

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