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Here’s a useful add on to the product range, the Omnispool Linecarebox. Flylines get scaly, salty and sticky which detracts from their casting and shooting efficiency, plus we’ve probably all put away a line uncleaned after a trip once the fun’s over, only to find it in a sorry state when we come to use it the next time. Whether you’re a couple of days into a trip or putting your gear to bed for a while, go with the Linecarebox’s Double C treatment:

C1 – the line is scrubbed clean in the first half of the box

C2 –  then coated in the second as it passes back into the Switchbox. That in itself isn’t a new concept, but the Linecarebox is a piece of line maintenance kit designed to clip onto the Omnispool Switchbox, meaning that once again, you don’t need the extra hand you haven’t got.

Sturdy and small, the box is lined with a hard but absorbent rotation felt. As the line passes through the first half it is scrubbed clean, then coated with the line treatment fluid of your choice on the way through the second. This lining can be revolved and rotated, so with eight surfaces to get through, it’ll be a long time before you might decide it needs a wash.

Locking clip keeps the box closed whilst allowing some play for the different sections of the taper, and depending on variance of each line’s taper, manual pressure on the Linecarebox can be varied to ensure that the whole line is efficiently cleaned and treated. For many, the effort of looking after a line whilst out and about seems too much, but with this gizmo, it’s done in minutes and as is so often the case when you cast a freshly coated line, you’ll wonder why you don’t do it more often. Not only does it mean that the line performs better and you enjoy your casting more, but if you maintain lines this way once you get home, they’ll last so much longer and be fit for use every time you reach for them.

(US PATENT 9,314,006 B2)

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“I have bought additional Omnispools, so I now have a good selection… I REALLY like them!”

– Rasmus Ovesen
Marketing Manager FlyFish Europe and Much Travelled Fishing Writer

“Just bought a couple more of your GREAT Switchboxes and Arbor Spacers… I love these gizmos!!! I guess you can say I’m hooked. Ha ha. Thanks for making great products that actually work!”

– John
very happy customer from PA

“Great idea and exactly what I have been looking for.”

– S. Ingrum
Nairobi, Kenya

“Omnispool sounds like a sweet solution for a very common problem; right now all my spare lines are in Ziploc bags. Can’t wait!”

– Art K.

“Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have many reels, lines, etc. and have been searching for an easy way to remove / clean / store / re-spool. I think I’ve found it with your product. I NEED to buy the setup.”

– John M.
New Jersey, USA

“I just got back from a two-week Bahamas adventure. The Omnispool was an awesome tool for trying different fly lines throughout the trip.”

– Gary Boyer
Pro Guide, USA

“I am more confident with my fishing now because I don’t hesitate to switch out lines and try a different approach. Omnispool makes it easy.”

– B.F.
Florida, USA

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