The goal of Omnispool is to supply a multi-purpose product that’s indispensable. We’re not trying to tap into the market of over priced fly fishing fashion accessories. To keep costs low, we’re sending the OmniSpool products out to dealers as they come out of the moulds – no gimmicks, no fancy packaging; we think they’ll sell themselves. There’s a water resistant  label, or else just use the stickers that come with your new lines. Look for the Omnispool range at your local fly shop.

Find a Dealer

We’re very much focused on getting our products to the angling public through the retailers, but if you do want a bunch, send us an enquiry and we can talk about the options; it’s a question of what works out best for you…   RRPs as follows: U.S. $12.95 (Switchbox), $8.95 (LineCarebox) and $4.95 (Crank Handle) U.K. £9.99 (Switchbox), £7.99 (LineCarebox) and £3.99 (Crank Handle) Europe €11.95 (Switchbox), €9.95 (LineCarebox) and €4.95 (Crank Handle)

Dealers, please look for our Distributors, FlyFish Europe (www.flyfisheurope.com) For UK, Ireland, Europe and Scandinavia, enquire with us (cs@omnispool.com) directly in Southern Africa, and in the U.S. of A. it’s Hareline Dubbin (www.hareline.com).

For those of you in the business, our distributors do offer a guide or commercial tyer account for licensed professionals in their region. The same goes for professionals around the world: please contact the relevant distributor. We want them out in the field…   For bulk orders, we can also supply in a great variety of colours and combinations, as well as brand products with custom printed logos, messages, you name it… Contact us.

Private enquiries please contact us at info@omnispool.com.

Please direct all trade enquiries to cs@omnispool.com.

(US PATENT 9,314,006 B2)