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“Note: keep the dotted markings on each half of the casing side by side aligned when the Switch is closed – it means there’s no yoga involved when you want to clip the spool onto its foot it's just a simple, fluid movement. It also makes clipping Switchboxes together easy (dotted side of one against the unmarked side of another…)”

Optional snap in Arbor Spacers offer a choice of two larger arbor sizes; useful for smaller fly lines or changeable heads and now popular amongst conventional anglers storing and switching  BRAID lines in particular.

Omnispool Switchbox and Linecarebox Demo

Check out what some of the conventional guys are doing; pretty cool bit of improvisation:

Braid is an expensive commodity and after some use the guys turn it around and use it from the other end. We can understand why there doing this – they’re spooling hundreds of yards of string. We can’t recommend power tools in combination with fishing line (!), but we ‘re not going to try and stop anyone from adapting our gear either, if it helps them get it done and makes them happy… Just remember that these things are tough enough to withstand everyday use, but if you overdo it on the power, it’s down to you if things get out of hand!

(US PATENT 9,314,006 B2)

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